an intense spy-thriller story across a world of assassination

Matthew Rodriguez

3 minute read

Experience a globetrotting adventure as Agent 47 and travel to exotic sandbox locations that are meticulously crafted and packed full of creative opportunities. As Agent 47, you will perform contract hits on powerful, high-profile targets in an intense spy-thriller story across a world of assassination. As you complete missions and contract new weapons, items and equipment become available for use across all locations. Learn the tools of the trade as you earn your way to Silent Assassin status.

9.9 / 10

Ah yes, the unassuming self-sacrifice of the secret agent life. Oh, to be so skillfully trained, handsomely adorned, financially blessed, and yet not able to tell anyone about your service – to live the untold story of hidden glory.

This silently achieving franchise uncovers that of the undercover. I am grateful, as now I can vicariously experience the humble role of a CIA-operative-field-agent-assassin from the comfort of my own couch, and in turn openly and confidently boast of my heroics.

Disclaimer — this review is a result of my biased first impression after executing four hours of covert gameplay and should be taken lightly.

Overall: 9.9 / 10

HITMAN is a consistently successful franchise, built on titles filled with unique missions and stories that rival those of James Bond: 007. With a winning formula that sandwiches open-ended missions between beautiful cinematics, the gameplay unfolds as you step into the role of the undercover operative to fulfill contract objectives and execute targets. HITMAN is a tactical spy-thriller that, characteristic of its own, quietly and expertly delivers.

Gameplay: 9.9 / 10

An absolute pleasure. Delicately balances strategy and skill; ultimately rewards grit and patience.

Controls 9.8 / 10

Quite lovely. The control to highlight object interactions, objectives, and targets is a wonderfully crafted design.

Difficulty: 9.9 / 10

Just about perfect. Sneaking around undetected sometimes feels a bit unrealistically easy, but difficulty settings can be adjusted.

Progression: 10 / 10

One target in the beach-mansion, two targets in the Miami race-track arena, three targets in the hidden Colombian drug-cartel controlled jungle outpost, and two targets plus one mysterious objective in the slums of Mumbai – it’s the progress I made, and although incomplete, the experience was perfect.

Story: 9.9 / 10

It doesn’t touch on difficult topics and release you into an everlasting soul-searching self-introspective reverie, and for that I am docking a tenth of a point.

Characters: 9.9 / 10

Good guys – you want to be them. Bad guys – the dark-side of you wants to be them, well, until you ASSASSINATE them!

Setting: 10 / 10

Perfect. Ranging all around the globe, the mission locations are intricate and cleverly designed.

Progression: 9.9 / 10

Can and should be produced into a movie, as it unravels at just the right pace and with just the right amount of intrigue.

Production: 9.8 / 10

Bravo! a Triple-A production.

Music 9.7 / 10

Fits the mood, sets the tone, and engages the audience.

Art 9.9 / 10

Lovely, precise, and beautiful.

Graphics 9.8 / 10

Demands a display that can show it off.

Please YES.

YES please.