WoW: Classic Legacy

One life, countless re-rolls

Matthew Rodriguez

2 minute read

Legacy Game Mode

Inspired by WoW: Classic Hardcore, Legacy is a metagame of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic that looseley follows the rules of hardcore mode with additional roguelike characteristics. Essentially each new character has one life, however any items such as gold, weapons, and armor may optionally be passed along to future characters.


  1. One life, if you DIE you must either DELETE your character or remain a ghost.
  2. After you DIE you may resurrect ONCE to sell all your belongings and mail them out to your next of kin (or equivalent beneficiary) or bank alt.
  3. If you choose to resurrect, you must proceed to DELETE or DIE after handling your post-mortem arrangements.
  4. Professions, talents, auction house, mail, and bank alts are allowed.
  5. You may group with others of a max 2 levels above yours, or lower.
  6. Warlocks can’t rez via SS, Shamans can’t rez via Ankh, and Paladins can’t bubble hearth.
  7. At max level (70) you have reached immortality. You are free from the shackles of perma-death, but you may no longer be a benefactor to the mortal.

Personal Touches

I intend to play and stream Legacy while it brings me and/or the community joy. Accordingly, I am adding some additional aspects to complement the experience.

  1. Heavy RP for the first character of each race.
  2. Each race will follow it’s own line of inheritance.
  3. Starting with Human race.
  4. Starting with Warrior class.
  5. Class selection will follow my whim.
  6. Character appearance will result from 1 randomization.
  7. Character name will result from 1 randomization.


Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.